Manage & track your packages

Fully control any shipment

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Manage – Scroll through your orders in several convenient feeds.  In a glance you’ll what you ordered in which online shop and when it will arrive. For more details just tap on the respective order.

Track – Tap any order and see the latest status updates on it’s whereabouts. The minute anything important changes, you’ll see in happening in the app.

Rate – We’re often happy with the service our couriers offer. Sometimes we’re not…and that’s what we want to keep track of.

Returns – Start the return process of unwanted items from within the app. Just tap on “return policy” at the bottom of the order details page to get started.

Profile – Your profile shows you “the numbers”: what do feel about the services of any courier. This overview allows you to make a comparison between reliable and less reliable couriers. Make an informed choice, the next time you place an order!