Manage & track your packages

Fully control any order

Manage – Scroll through your orders in several convenient feeds.  In a glance you see what you ordered in which online shop and when it will arrive. For more details just tap on the respective order or simply delete it if you think it doesn’t belong in the feed.

Track – Getting your packages shouldn’t be stressful. Tap any order and see the latest status updates on it’s whereabouts. The minute anything important changes, you’ll see in happening in the app or you’ll get a notification if you wish.  You’ll know exactly when your package will arrive. Peace of mind, that’s what it’s all about!

Rate – We’re often happy with the service our couriers offer. Sometimes we’re not…this is your chance to let us know, so we can let them know! This is your chance to make things even better than they are!

Returns – Start the return process of unwanted items from within the app. Just tap on “return policy” at the bottom of the order details page to get started.

Profile – Your profile shows you “the numbers”: how do you feel about the services of any particular courier?  This overview allows you to make a comparison between reliable and less reliable couriers. Make an informed choice, the next time you place an order!