Our Values


At Handl.io our core belief is that we only exist by the grace of you, our user. As a result we respect and execute your wishes and provide you with the best possible solution.

Privacy is the foundation of our work. None of your personal electronic data will be used for any other purpose than the functionality of this app as your tool. Your data is yours, not ours!

Communication & Control We might think of features in the future that might benefit you even more. In order to technically provide you these services, our app might require some more of your data. When so, we will let you know in a clear way. More importantly, such features would be opt-in only, so you will have a choice. If you say no, it’s no, promise!

Encryption & Security. All of your data is fully encrypted, which means nothing is readable by a human. We make daily backups and keep those data off site. Our technical people are instructed to apply the strictest possible regimen to protect your data and to delete it when it’s not needed anymore or when you ask for it.

One more thing…If anything is not clear and you have a/some question(s), well,  just ask. We have a great team of people who will go out of their way to give you peace of mind!